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Another successful menswear meet up, this time at Ghurka’s new flagship store in San Francisco.

One might think that Ghurka has been around for over a century considering the strong heritage sort of feel that the brand exudes, but in fact it has only been open since 1975. It’s gone through some ups and downs in its relatively short history, but its most recent acquisition has redirected the brand back to its roots. The original factories Ghurka used before moving operations overseas are back up and running, even employing some of their former factory workers. As of now, roughly 3/4’s of Ghurka’s production is located in America. But with their new owners, Ghurka will soon have their entire production on American soil; good news for OG Ghurka fans.

Be sure to check out Ghurka’s new beautiful space located at 245 Post St. in San Francisco.

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