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Impatience and Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather

The idea of a well-aged leather belt that’s been tanned using only the oils of one’s hands in combination with the sun is very intriguing to me. That’s why I went to my local cobbler and had him make me a natural vegetable tanned leather belt for me to wear and make my own. But this was something like 2 years ago and I’ve since become impatient. Help me, Jesus.

Though my melanin is at such a level comparable to snuff suede, my belt is just coming out of a long stage of jaundice and has yet to even reach a color that might be classified as brown. This awkward stage of color makes it difficult for me to match my belt with any of my shoes. (First world problems, I know). I’ve never had use for self-tanning lotions or tanning beds being of the darker complexion, but this cow skin I wrap around my waist is a different story.

I used some Obenauf’s leather oil which is pretty heavy stuff that I normally only use on my Wolverines. I applied a total of 3 coats and left my belt out in the sun for a couple days. Although the color seems to be uneven throughout the belt (probably because of the points of hand contact over the years and the fact that I didn’t distribute the coats evenly), I’m pretty satisfied with the results overall. Okay, now you try.

[Sidenote: I totally had this topic saved as a draft for a couple of days, so it was kind of funny to see that Put This On had published a similar article yesterday. *shrug*]

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