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On Cleaning Out Your Closet

I recently took some time to clean up my room as well as my closet. Here’s what I can say that I’ve learned…

Clean out your closet! You have too much stuff that you don’t wear! As much as I’d like to avoid the chore of cleaning out my closet by buying “timeless” garments and aligning myself with the mantra of “buy better, buy less”, somehow I find a pile of dusty clothes hidden in the crevasses of my closet. But ridding your closet of unneeded and unused clothes is a necessity. For one, you’ll have more space in your closet, which can be helpful in avoiding wrinkly shirts. You also get a chance to help out your local community by giving away your clothes to those in need. Some people like to sell their jawnz and grails on the ‘bay, which is completely fine too. Finally, as you’re cleaning and sorting, you get a sense for what your style is and you narrow it down every time you clean. Eventually, I’d like to be at a point where I can say that I would wear anything in my closet. Maybe someday…

But I think most importantly, ridding yourself of these unnecessary possessions is a good way to practice the act of giving and distancing yourself from materialism. Not only giving away unused garments like that jacket you wore only once, or those shoes that were cool 4 years ago, but going one step further by giving away garments that you wear often can be a healthy practice of letting go. Yes, there may be a few possessions that you hold onto which hold more meaning than others  (i.e., dad’s cuff links, your high school jock strap), but I do think that there is a limit or line that can be crossed before the things that you own end up owning you. All of this is not to say that I’ve attained complete distance from materialism, but I aim toward that goal and invite you to do the same.

(Source: omgerald)